Wheel:bit stands out in the field of micro:bit-powered cars 🚗💡

Practical teaching aids for micro:bit

When it comes to teaching materials for coding and hands-on learning, there's one product that truly stands out: Wheel:bit.

Many are familiar with alternatives like the Bitbot from 4Tronix, used in the Super:bit project, Maqueen Plus from DFRobot, and the MOVE Mini MK2 Buggy Kit from Kitronik. These are all micro:bit-controlled cars, but it's Wheel:bit that offers unique features and benefits.

Unique Creativity and Customization

Wheel:bit is not just a robot car; it's a springboard for creativity and the joy of making. Unlike many competitors with a more closed design, Wheel:bit invites users to customize and modify the design, allowing them to truly create their own unique version.

Sustainability and Local Production

An important aspect of Wheel:bit is the use of sustainable materials. With production in Skullerud outside Oslo, Wheel:bit ensures lower carbon emissions while supporting local production and the Norwegian economy. This offers a clear advantage for environmentally conscious schools and consumers.

Diversity of Projects

Wheel:bit stands out with its versatility. This robot car is not just for driving; it can perform a diversity of projects such as:

  • Autonomous driving (Norwegian)
  • Remote control with micro:bit
  • Play soccer
  • Participation in eco-friendly projects like beach cleaning
  • Drawing and programming artwork
  • Custom-designed lighting for creative expression
  • Mobile holder that allows for control with generative AI
What characterizes all these projects is interdisciplinary hands-on learning with micro:bit. 

Simple and Insightful Technology

Wheel:bit is designed to be repairable and easy to assemble. This gives users a deeper understanding of electronics and construction, which is a major advantage compared to the biggest competitors. In addition, Wheel:bit offers simpler and more comprehensive coding possibilities without the need for "extensions," making it easier to learn programming languages like Python and JavaScript.

Dedicated Customer Support and Training

With professional guidance, excellent service, and customer support, as well as courses and workshops for teachers, Wheel:bit goes a step further to ensure a superior user experience and effective learning.


Wheel:bit represents a new generation of micro:bit-compatible practical teaching aids, perfect for modern, eco-friendly, and technologically forward-thinking schools. With its adaptability, sustainable production, and a wide range of educational applications, Wheel:bit sets a new standard for what to expect from micro:bit teaching aids and hands-on learning.

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