Hei, vet du hva en micro:bit er?

What is BBC micro:bit

It's a small computer that you can program to do all sorts of fun stuff. We at MakeKit make it even cooler, like creating robots, cars, or drones!

It's used in schools for learning to code and creating cool interdisciplinary projects. With your imagination, you can do so many amazing things with the micro:bit!

Use of micro:bit in Norwegian schools

BBC microbit was made for use in schools and has been used in Norwegian schools for many years, but it was only after the Super:bit project that micro:bit really became known in Norway. Super:bit is a television venture to get Norwegian children interested in programming 

But despite the widespread use of the micro:bit in Norwegian schools, the degree of utilization is relatively low considering the possibilities that the small mini-computer can provide. 

micro:bit in education

We believe that the best utilization of both micro:bit and the teaching aids in the WonderKit system or other products is to implement these projects in interdisciplinary project-based teaching. 

If you choose teaching aids or products that are creative-friendly and invite creativity, it is precisely creativity that sets limits on what the theme of the project can be. 

The advantages are that this way of working provides greater engagement, more relevance, mastery and is more in line with the goals in LK20. (LK20 is the Norwegian curriculum for implementing programming in all subjects in primary school) 

Mestring, engasjement og læring


WonderKit is an interdisciplinary and sustainable system of teaching aids for micro:bit created especially for the Norwegian vocational renewal LK20 and the competence targets.

All our micro:bit products are WonderKit compatible and work together. 

Common to our WonderKit compatible teaching aids is the circuit board, as well as a powerful rechargeable battery.  

This makes it more cost-effective and sustainable.

The Wonder:Kit series is made for 15-30 pupils/students with 10 kits of each product. We recommend 2 pupils/students per kit. The kits are primarily for schools, knowledge centres, creative workshops and coding clubs, but in combination they are also excellent for technical hobbies. 



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