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Wonder:kit inventor

This is the second challenge that is part of the Explorer kit. Unleash your inner maker and create an invention of your own making. 

The problem: You must first find a problem you want to solve. You can use game cards or choose a problem on your own. Describe the problem that you will attempt to solve. 

Design: Start coming up with ideas on how the invention can look. Choose your design. 

Solution: Make a technical drawing of your design and list the parts you need. 

Code: Sketch how the code must look for it to work.

Make your invention!

Testing and adjustment: For any invention to work the way you want it to, you need to test and make changes. Try to write down what you do to make it work. 

Evaluation and presentation: Great job! It is now time to evaluate the invention and if it solved the problem you set out to solve. Make a small presentation of your findings. 

Download the assets: