A tool for the educator

How do you engage students? 

We don't think there is just one answer to that question. All individuals are different, with various backgrounds and interests. 

Some like math and physics, others like design and craftmanship. 

And some like traditional education, while unfortunately so many fell behind because they don't respond well to the traditional way of learning. 

With this in mind, we have created the Wonder:Kit

A system of products based on the micro:bit. 

Learn the skills of the 21. century like programming, technology, cooperation and environmental consequences, as well as the traditional core subjects in a way that reaches students and makes the curriculum relevant for them. 

Want to learn more and join the launch of the system? 

Contact us or one of our approved resellers. 


Maker friendly

For students  11 and up 

Repairable and durable

micro:bit powered

Creative craftmanship

Easy to deploy

Made for 21. century curriculum

Environmentally friendly


Awesome and meaningful experience