Ultimate Maker Challenge (1. st ED)

Start the new semester with an awesome experience!


The UMC (ultimate maker challenge) is a competition between teams of students, schools and even nations.

You as a teacher or educator get to showcase just how interesting the STE(A)M subjects can be.


The challenge is a perfect opportunity to do a cross-curriculum project, combining subjects like Science, Mathematics, Design and Art, Engineering Technology, History and Social subjects.

Stem science technology engineering design art math

Ultimate maker micro:bit challenge


In this 1. st edition the main challenge is to build the faster Hover:bit in a 10 meter back and forth race. However, there are also other challenges the students can choose to participate in.


Challenges: ​ – Fastest Hover:bit – Creative design challenge – Spectacular race



Winning teams in each category get Hover:bit 2.0 to all team members.




Hovercraft micro:bit student challenge

About Hover:bit: A maker friendly micro:bit hovercraft. It is a kit and a tool for learning, built for creative exploration. Combining design, construction and coding lets student experience the STEAM subjects in real life. Creating more understanding and the sense of achievement at School.

More information about Hover:bit


Apply today! If you find the challenge interesting and see how it can benefit your students, send an application to join.

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