Micro:bit, makerspace and Nordic Edge

Last week we attended Nordic Edge, a conference held in Stavanger. The Stavanger region has for a long time been leading the way when it comes to teaching children the art of coding. And now that makerspaces are becoming more relevant in schools, the Stavanger region is leading the way.

There was a lot of positive interest in what we do and in the products we make. Partly because all our new products are compatible with micro:bit and the makecode platform. But also because in combination with a makerspace they give teacher and student so many possibilities. Use the 3D-printer, Laser and vinyl cutter to improve and re-design the products.

If you are interested in a kit you can use in your makerspace, you find the best price now on our Kickstarter campaign.


Steinar Holøs showing Air:bit and Hover:bit at Ed-tech Know How

If you want to learn more about what you can make, please contact us at sales@makekit.no

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