Unlock the secrets of the past, the future and your fortune with the Magic 8 Ball and Reaction:bit, powered by Wonder:Kit and the micro:bit.

The Magic 8 Ball microbit project is part of the Wonder:Kit Explorer. It's a great starter project that you can start with from 4. grade.

What you learn:

  • Program a random sequence that is triggered by an outside source

  • Use Logic loupes, Math and random numbers

  • Program a Servo to show the result from the random sequence

  • Build and construct the device

  • Connect electronics

The micro:bit fortune teller

You can print this and place it on the Reaction:bit display, or Lasercut your own display. See files below the image.

In this version, we have made the monitor plate on a laser-cutter:

How to make and program the Magic8Ball:

PDF - A4 printable

Download PDF • 890KB

Files for laser cutting

Comming soon

Start Code

Finished Code

Download ZIP • 624KB

Learn more about the Wonder:Kit system here:

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