Micro:bit kit introduction webinar

Updated: Sep 4

For us to be able to introduce the kits to educators in times when working from home was the new normal. And when travelling is no longer an option, we introduced our introduction webinar.

A great way to learn more about micro:bit

Our first introduction webinar was in cooperation with our distributor and reseller in Hong Kong, ETC (Education Technology Connection). We got to show the educators the micro:bit drone Air:bit and the microbit hovercraft Hover:bit. We could also give a glimpse of the educational material. And last but not least do a live demonstration.

ETC has in addition done a comprehensive job of preparing the educational material for the local schools and curriculum.

Now we are taking this webinar to the next level. We will go even in mort depth on how to use the kits actively in education and how to engage the students. The webinar is already a great way to learn more about how to use micro:bit in education. We share our story and philosophy on how to engage the students. And we demonstrate how you can in real-time make some real-world connection between the curriculum and the physical world.

If you want to learn more and join up on a webinar, please let us know!


The next webinar will be held in Norway Tuesday 16. June 14 pm, if you want to join this webinar, please send us a mail to post@makekit.no

PS: This webinar will be held in Norwegian.

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