Hover:bit the micro:bit hovercraft

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In MakeKit we always strive to make our kit´s perfect for creative exploration. You should be able to change both the code, the construction and the design.

We find this to be the best way to experience a sense of achievement, and at the same time learn STEM or STEAM subjects.

No other kit symbolises this better than the brand new microbit hovercraft Hoverbit.

Build it, code it, drift it, make your own design, construction and code.

It is compatible with the microbit drone Airbit. This means with a small "add on kit" you can build and code them both.

Find more information about the Hover:bit here

Compatible with the micro:bit drone Air:bit

Hover:bit is constructed to be as easy to modify as possible. With only some cardboard, a scissor or a carpet knife you can make drastic changes to both the design and construction. And with the micro:bit platform everyone can both learn to code and make pretty advanced functions and functionality.

Make your own design with simple tools

Change the design and make the craft function the way you want by changing the code. This way we experience the connection between the digital and the physical.

Utilise your 3D-printer and vinyl cutter

If you have access to a 3D-printer or a vinyl cutter, you can utilise them with the Hover:bit and make the Hover:bit run on water or use the vinyl cutter to make your craft look amazing.

With a 3D-printer you can also download and print parts, one example is parts for added engines that give your craft more propulsion.

The micro:bit hovercraft Hover:bit will be launched in the middle of March 2020. Don´t miss the launch, sign up to our newsletter.

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