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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

https://www.makekit.no/hoverbit-docsIn this article, we will describe how to use the Hover:bit template which is part of Wonder:Kit product line and MakeKit Education. The material in this article is for teachers and educators.

Below you will find videos in English (coming soon) and Norwegian. You will also find PDF template for the teacher which you can download. This template will describe each level in detail.

Why we created the template?

Sense of achievement doesn't come by just following what someone else is doing. This feeling usually comes after succeeding at something, and the more difficult the greater the feeling is, as well as the risk of failure. The template was created so everyone can get this sense of achievement at the same time as they learn multiple subjects and skills.

Level 1:

Learn about symmetry, craftsmanship and using tools to create.

The students must draw there own base plate or raft using the template. The template only has half of the constructions, so it needs to be turned to the other side to make both left and right side. The students must be accurate and make sure to draw all the important lines. This is a great way to learn basic skills in craftsmanship.

Video instructions in English:


Video instructions in Norwegian:


Video instruction for tail rudder in English:


Video instruction for tail rudder in Norwegian:


Level 2:

Learn problem-solving and creativity.

In Level 2 the students are asked to build the baseplate of the Hover:bit from only 3 points on a paper. They can use the template as a source of information but should not use it to draw lines from.

The students need to find the information and translate it into the correct shape, and thereby creating their own baseplate.

Video instructions in English:


Video instructions in Norwegian:


Level 3:

Learn advanced problem-solving and to follow instructions.

In this level, the only help the students get is an instruction based in text on how to construct the base plate. They need to follow the instruction exactly to be able to make the right shape. This is a test of accuracy, problem-solving and being patient enough to follow the instructions.

The Instruction:

Only use a ruler and compass to make the shape of the Hover:bit raft. Remember, there are two sides of the raft, and there are two of B2, C2, L5 and L6.

  1. Create a line on the cardboard, this will be used as a center line L1 so make sure you have enough room around the line. Mark the center of where you want to make the raft, we call this point, A.

  2. Make a circle from the center point A (Ø: > 6,8 cm in diameter). This will be used to cut a hole later.

  3. Make three additional circles from the center point A (Ø: 8 cm, 9 cm and 10cm in diameter) Mark the place where the circles cross the line L1, we will call these points B1 and C1.

  4. Use the Compass and make three 90 degree lines from the line in all points (A, B1 and C1). We will call them L2, L3, and L4. Mark the point where the line from B1 cross the outer circle (10 cm), we call these two points C2. Mark the point where the line from A crosses the middle circle (9 cm), we call these two points B2.

  5. Make a circle with a center in C2 which are tangent with B1. Make a line that is parallel with the center line L1 and intersect with C2 by using the circle just created, we call this line L5.

  6. Make a line which are parallel with the center line L1 and tangent with the far side of the circle around C2, we call this line L6. This will be the sides of the Hover:bit: raft.

  7. Make a line tangent with the circle around C2, and is 90 degrees from the center line L1, we call this line L7. This will be the back end of the Hover:bit raft.

  8. Make a circle with the center C1 that is tangent with the line L6. This will be the front of the Hover:bit raft.

  9. Use the same diameter as previous point (point 8). Place the ruler in B2, make circle. Where the circle crosses the line L6, mark a point C3. Make a 90 degree angle from the line L6 and the point C3, where the line meets the center line L1, mark the point B3.

  10. Draw the final lines that you have found trough the previous steps. Cut out the outer line, the inner circle, and B1, B3 and the two B2 points.

Link to Hover:bit instructions: https://www.makekit.no/hoverbit-docs

Video instructions in Norwegian:


Instructions in English will come soon.

Best from us in Team MakeKit

"Keep building and coding"

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