Hover:bit A4 print&cut template

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Build a new and different Hover:bit raft. This is how you can do this based on the same type of construction as used in the original design.


The PDF have 2 sides

- page 1; The graphics used in the original design

- page 2; only the shape, you make your own graphics.

Share your creative designs with other Hover:bit makers in the online community.


The templates:

See how to in the video below:

Video to come

This template is based on the microbit hovercraft Hover:bit and the Wonder:Kit Hover:bit built for STEM and STEAM education.

Make your own design of the micro:bit hovercraft. Here you can download the templates, choose between the original design or make the graphics your self.

Users of this can be; educators, schools, hobbyists, DIY makers, kids, students, microbit users, designers.

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