Happy new year all makers!!!

We hope you got to spend quality time with your family. For us, we got some much-needed rest after a hectic but very productive quarter.

The last 3 month of 2019 was quite an adventure! The launch of Air:bit, the production planning and logistics were timeconsuming, but we are happy to say we managed to deliver to both the once that pledges on Kickstarter (Christmas Special), and also to the most important resellers and distributors.

With every launch of new products, there is always some unexpected issues, but luckily we managed to find solutions to them. And these issues make us more prepared and able to deliver a quality product in the future.

At the same time, our workshops were high in demand, which is a good indication that the market is increasing.

Interested in the Air:bit? Let your local reseller of electronics know!

We are now in 2020 and are closing in to the major delivery of Air:bit in February and Mach. For everyone that wants to get hold of our products, we have good news. Our list of distributors and resellers are growing day by day. So Air.bit and our other products may be available in your local store soon.

One more thing...

We have another major product launch coming up! The Hover:bit!

The Hover:bit has already been tested in several of our workshops and been used in schools, maker spaces, libraries and maker spaces.

It is also good news for everyone who has bought the Air:bit.

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Our Christmas card that was sent to all our subscribers:

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