Early Bird - Hover:bit

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Tuesday 31. March at16 pm CEST will the micro:bit hovercraft be launched on IndieGoGo.

To celebrate and give something extra to our followers and volunteers we have something extra for you.

100 Early Bird - Hover:bit's shipped in May

The "Early Bird - Hover:bit" pledge. This pledge will give you almost 60% off, but there are only 100 available.

You will also get the Kit faster, we will ship out all Early Bird - Hover:bit" pledges in May, so you should get it in good time before the summer.

For Schools, maker spaces and educators

There will be a Hover:bit Class Kit available for all who wish to use the hovercraft in schools and large groups. This kit will contain; quick charger, extra parts, video instructions, 2D and 3D-files.

If you find this micro:bit hovercraft interesting and want to test the kit your self before buying the Class Kit. We encourage you to get one of the Early Bird pledges.

Check out this link if you want to learn more, and add the date to your calendar.


If you are interested in the Class Kit. Contact us on sales@makekit.no

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