Air:bit Wifi Camera!

As humans, we`ve always wondered how the world looks like from a bird's-eye perspective. This is why the popularity of camera-drones has sky rocketed!

Now you can make your own camera-drone!

With our quadcopter, Air:bit, cameras can be attached to it, and from there we can see the beauty of the world, from the perspective of a bird.

With our Air:bit Wifi Camera, you are able to do it all super easily! It`s easy to attach, and you can download apps for your mobile, so that you can watch from a bird's-eye perspective, with just some small adjustments! We have created an instruction manual (ENG/NOR), to help you on your way. Everything you need to know, is in this instruction manual.

- Enjoy the view from above -

Download the pdf file: Instruction Manual Air:bit Wifi Camera ENG

Instruksjonsmanual Air:bit Wifi Kamera NOR

Best regards,

Team MakeKit.

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