Air:bit troubleshooting

A drone is a complex aerial vehicle, both construction and the code needs to be correct for it to fly, and it can be difficult finding a small problem that disturbs the behaviour of the drone.

In this article, we will aid you so you can give wings to your micro:bit.

Common issues:

  • Radio communication, the remote and drone do not communicate correctly

  • Electrical connection between micro:bit and Air:bit flight controller

  • Electrical motor placement (two different types)

  • Propeller placement (two different types)

  • Propeller obstruction

  • Testing the drone in a way so you can identify any issue

To help you with these issues we have made a video explaining how to identify and fix the issues.

Video guidance:

We have created a video that may help if you have trouble getting the Air:bit to work and take off. In this video we go through:

  • Testing the drone

  • Radio connection, and setting the correct channel

  • Electrical connection

  • Propeller placement and obstruction

  • Motor placement

  • How to fly

See the video:

Video content:

0:00 Testing the drone

0:58 Radio connection and setting the correct channel

3:35 Tighten the nuts to improve electric connection

5:21 Propeller obstruction

5:47 Tighten the barrel nuts

The drone starts but can´t lift off

8:43 Motor placement

9:31 Propeller switching

11:18 How to prevent damage when flying

Get support:

If you can not identify the issue, please contact us at:

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