Online Courses

Order online courses and workshop based on building, coding and designing.

Courses and workshops can be done by using apps like; Teams or Zoom

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Micro:bit introduction

Give your whole class the opportunity to learn the basics of micro:bit on our online course. 


This course can be attended from home, by using an online platform like Teams or Zoom. 

We will be using the makecode platform and take the students through all the important modules. 

Micro:bit PRO-Course

A workshop for teachers who want to know micro:bit well enough to start using it in education.


Take ​your skills to the next level, and really learn how to use the micro:bit in class. 

Participants will learn how to build and code different types of kits, how to troubleshoot, and how to implement these teaching in the curriculum. 

This is a 3 day course.

Air:bit & Hover:bit Workshop

Join us in building and coding the micro:bit hovercraft and drone.

In these workshops we help you build and code both kits, and 

This workshop is for you who have the Air:bit and Hover:bit. 

hoverbit blue.jpg
airbit small_blue.jpg

Send your questions and order a workshop at