Ultimate Maker Challenge

Kickstart the semester with an engaging challenge with students from all over the world!

What you need to know: 
- Who can build the fastest Hover:bit? 
- Takes place September & Oktober 2021
- Max 7 classes and 50 teams
- Age 11 - 16
- Online event with collaboration with teams from multiple nations
- Awesome learning experience


- Fastest Hover:bit
- Creative design challenge
- Spectacular race 

We estimate a time consumption of about 7-15 hours (2-3 hours extra for educators) in total that you as an educator should aim to implement into the already planned session. This creating more understanding and remember more of the teachings. 

Relevant subjects:
Science, Maths, Design and Art, Technology, Engineering and Social subjects

Because this is the first time we do this challenge there are only 7 openings for classes. This is so we reduce the chance of technical issues and making sure all participants succeed. 

Read the article about the UMC here

Apply today

If you are interested, fill in the quick application today, and we will get back to you with more details. 

Who can apply?

- Schools, teachers and educators 

- After school programs, and the facilitators

- Makerspaces and fab-labs

Hover:bit video

Hover:bit is perfect for creative exploration, you can build it any way you want, turn it into your own design. Maybe a snow racer or a boat. 


More information about the competetion will come...