How to get the spookiest haunted house in the neighbourhood

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than by transforming your home into the coolest haunted house in the neighbourhood? With the Wheel:bit and Bubble:bit building kits, you can create a Halloween experience that will leave your neighbours in awe. If you don’t have these from before, you can find where to get them at the end of this post.


1. Animated Graveyard

Make a diorama with animated graveyard, using bubble:bit. Decorate it with tombstones and ghosts hanging from thin wires. Tie the wire to the bubble:bit arm to make the ghost float up and down. Turn on the fan and make a wind to make everything flap and shiver.


2. Spooky Sounds and Movements

No haunted house is complete without bone-chilling sound effects. Make your front door part of the spooky fun by incorporating an interactive doorbell. Utilize the micro:bit’s speaker, or amplify it with an external speakers through the WonderKit motor output. Use the sound or light sensor to program it to trigger frightening sounds or creatures that suddenly spring into action when someone rings the bell, adding an unexpected scare to the visit. You can even set up motion-activated sound effects to trigger the effects when someone is stepping outside your door. 


3. Scary monster on wheels

Cut out a scary face on a paper cup and place it over the wheel:bit. Add some arms with pipe cleaning wire or wood sticks. The micro:bit’s screen will act as a light source. Turn off the light and let the scary monster chase your friends!


4. Halloween Hovercraft

Pimp up your hover:bit with black cloth, spiders and perhaps a pumpkin-colored tail fin. Try to make it light weight so your ghost ship can still run!



With the help of the Wheel:bit and Bubble:bit, you can take your Halloween haunted house to the next level. These kits allow you to bring your spooky ideas to life, creating a memorable and spine-tingling experience for all who dare to enter. Whether it’s creepy lighting, interactive games, eerie sound effects, or animated decorations, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to be the talk of the neighborhood and give your neighbors a Halloween they’ll never forget! Happy haunting!

Get your kit now and start building

Check out these spooky kits for more ideas:


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