How to design an Air:bit drone in TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD is a great and free tool to use, where everyone can get started and create their own designs and constructions.

We have good experience of using the program at school, workshops and courses. But under certain conditions, such as having a clear idea, to begin with, and knowing the program well enough before starting. Something we hope the video below can help with.

Start your creative journey!

Below you will find two «How to videos» that you can use to get to know the function and how we use the program.


Design for laser cutting:

Learn the basics of TinkerCad and how to use the program in education or at home for your own designs and inventions. Below you find a list of what we will go through in these two videos:

  • Features and capabilities of TinkerCAD
  • Use of different forms to create a design
  • How to use different plans in ThinkerCAD
  • Design strategies
  • How to target in ThinkerCAD
  • How to mirror a part
  • How to cut in ThinkerCAD
  • How to make a complete design
  • Export files for laser cutting



In this video, I will make a nameplate for your keychain. This is a handy exercise and something you might want to cut out using a laser cutter, or 3D print. In the video we focus on making it ready for laser cutting.


Design your own drone!

In this video, we show you how to create your own designed drone frame in TinkerCAD. I will design a drone made for laser cutting, and we think it is a good starting point where you get to know the program, the possibility and the limitation without it becoming too advanced.


Air: bit Template and the frame constructed in the video:

Air: bit and the parts you need to make a fully functional drone:


Laser cutter to cut out your own frames:


The frame as it was:


Design for 3D printing:

This is a somewhat advanced video, and we are not going to go through everything we went through in the video above.

This video is in production and will be published soon.



«We hope you enjoy this video and continue to be creative, feel mastered and learn new techniques. We greatly appreciate your input, thoughts and experiences related to our learning tools, products and of course the video above»

Greetings from Steinar Holøs, CEO and founder of MakeKit


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