Micro:bit V2

As you may have noticed, the micro:bit is now being upgraded to V2 and the V1 has stopped production.

Some of the new features include a better processor, more memory, and a built-in microphone and speaker. You can easily recognize the difference by looking at the notches at the bottom, so-called «gold teeth».

All MakeKit products are compatible with the V2. The only exception is the Android app, which uses a plugin that doesn’t currently work on V2. We are working on new solutions. You can also use V1 and V2 together, e.g. V1 for the remote and V2 for the receiver/vehicle.

How to use the V2

The .hex provided from our docs site can be downloaded to the V1 directly. For V2, you will have to open the file in the make code editor, then download it again to the micro:bit. The simple process will convert the code from V1 to V2 automatically. You may have to pair your V2 device for makecode to recognize the device.

Check out all our products that are compatible with both V1 and V2.

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