Hover:bit Catamaran

«When I was young, one of the coolest things I wanted to make was a boat. And to be able to drive it around on water by remote control. But as time went by and there was no easy way to do it at the time, the plans for building this boat was put away.»

– Steinar Holøs

Until NOW!!!

With the Hover:bit everyone can turn their’e hovercraft into a catamaran. And we have made it super easy for you. You can drive it by remote control, and you can even program it to run autonomously. Which are even cooler! 

You can attach an array of different sensors as well, for even better control and more advanced use.


You can now also download and print your own.



The micro:bit boat:

Hoverbit and microbit catamaran and boat

Hover:bit Catamaran


The first test of the Hover:bit Catamaran on water:

Sunday 19. April during the LIVE broadcast on Facebook we did the first test of the Catamaran design. With two different beta-design, two different sett ups of the engines and the pressure of doing it all live, the stakes where high.  The test went really well, right until one of the Hover:bit Catamaran’s flipped over. Unfortunately, this was also the Catamaran where the electronics was not protected and exposed. You can find this on @gomakekit on Facebook.   With the other Hover:bit Catamaran we initiated a small rescue operation, with extremely low odds by the way. Surprisingly enough the rescue operation actually worked, and we got both Catamarans into shore more or less safely. An even greater surprise to us was that the electronics of the flipped Catamaran actually were still worked.  This was a really great first test. and we are even more excited now over the Catamaran concept.  There have been so many requests for the Hover:bit Catamaran so we have decided to include it in the Hover:bit launch campaign.


The campaign ends at 22. April, so be sure to pledge your support before that. If you miss it, please reach out to one of our resellers. It is worth mentioning that this Catamaran is and add on to the Hover:bit and that the Hover:bit is well tested and in production. 

You can see the videos here: https://www.facebook.com/gomakekit


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