Hands Free Smart Glove!

Fly your Air:bit by using the smart glove!

With the help of this glove, you can control the Air:bit, by using hand movement! You can still use the buttons A and B for more or less throttle. By using the finger sensors, you can also give a boost for more throttle, by squeezing the cables together. When the cables are no longer squeezed together, the throttle will go back to the level you had before squeezing them together.

This video shows how you can fly the Air:bit, with the Glove!

Everything you’ll need to know about this project is written in the instruction manual, for the Glove. I’ll leave a link for a downloadable pdf-file below

Take good care of the Air:bit Glove, and as always, if you do decide to create this project, please post some pictures/videos of it, and tag @GoMakeKit, on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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