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If you get error 529, 927 or similar on micro:bit, you might need to open it in makecode and download again. 

Charging and flying

Code the remote (ENG)

Trouble shooting

Video (ENG)
Charging and flying
Air:bit 2 Trouble shooting step by step
Please verify every step carefully
Testing motors


Charging and flying
Trouble shooting

Mobile as remote
micro:bit V1 only

Micro:bit V1

Articles about Air:bit

Inspirasjons-workshop med Tekna

Visste du at datalogging kan gjøres superenkelt med micro:bit? Nylig holdt vi workshop der tillitsvalgte realfagslærere fikk laste ned telemetri-data i sanntid fra Air:bit dronen.

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Air:bit Troubleshooting

Air:bit Trouble shooting A drone is a complex aerial vehicle, both construction and the code needs to be correct for it to fly, and it

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Hands Free Smart Glove!

Fly your Air:bit by using the smart glove! With the help of this glove, you can control the Air:bit, by using hand movement! You can

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Air:bit Wifi Camera!

As humans, we have always wondered how the world looks like from a bird’s-eye perspective. This is why the popularity of camera-drones has sky rocketed!

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Air:bit – 3D Mod

Air:bit – 3D mod I’ve had the pleasure of doing some 3D-modifications on the Air:bit quadcopter, and let me tell you, it was great fun.

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