Air:bit – «The Flying Magnet»

Air:bit is a fantastic drone in itself. But with all the things you can do besides flying the drone, this is a great adventure!


This time we wanted to create something that you can do alone, or with a friend. And the flying magnet, is the result of that. What makes this so fun, and amazing, is that it’s so easy to do, and it requires very few items! All you need for this project, is aprox. 20 centimeters of fishing line, two magnets, superglue, tape, and the two remaining parts is something you can choose for yourself. But, I went with a wooden plug, and a small cardboard box. I also used a small 3D-printed platform, that is smaller than the cardboard box, simply because I had no other use for it. Since I also used the smaller platform, I had to use an extra magnet. But two magnets, the cardboard box, and the wooden plug, is more than enough.


I started with superglue, one of the magnets, and the wooden plug. I glued them together, then I used tape to hold the fishing line in place. Then I attached the fishing line to the Air:bit frame, the front hole, by simply knoting it to the frame.

Then I glued the second magnet to the cardboard box, and another one to the small 3D-printed platform, and that’s basically it.

This game is perfect for all ages, and is well suited as a competitive form.

It`s quite easy to make this into a challenge, for instance; four players, three tries, the one that manage to fly the Air:bit from point A, to point B (the platform with the magnet), and secure the magnet onto the Air:bit, with the lowest time, wins.

The smaller the magnet, the greater the difficulty.

If you choose a small magnet, it requires more precision, than if you choose a larger magnet. This has to do with the actual size of the surface the magnet is supposed to hit. So it’s really up to you, how easy, or hard (difficulty), you want to play this game.


Keep in mind, that you can’t lift all you want with the quadcopter. So try to choose items that is of low weight. The lower the weight, the easier it is to fly.

If you do choose to create this game for yourself, please post some pictures/videos, and tag @goMakeKit on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


Take good care of «The Flying Magnet», and have fun!


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