Air:bit and Kickstarter perks

We are so thankful to all who pledged and supported the project on Kickstarter. Everyone who supported us is important for the success of this project.


Without you, we would not have seen the micro:bit drone, Air:bit.


Now it is time for you to get your rewards!

The original plan was to deliver all rewards at the end of February and all through March. After the Chinese new year, we realized that this was not going according to plan with the uprising of the Corona-virus.

Even though all main components of the Air:bit (and all our other kits) are made in Norway, we are still relying on sub-components which for the most part is made in China.

In the beginning of March, the Corona-virus had become a pandemic and the situation in Europe started to get a lot worse.

By the middle of March, the Norwegian government started implementing measures to stop the spreading of the virus. This lead to some of our partners shutting down their factories.


But we managed to find good alternatives and made a substantial effort producing the kits by hand. And we are so happy to finally start delivering the Air:bit to all of you.


All backers should expect to receive there reward in May and June. All products will be shipped before July.


«Hover:bit Add-On Kit», just for you who have the Air:bit

We encourage all backers on Kickstarter to check out the Hover:bit campaign on IndieGoGo. Hover:bit is a micro:bit hovercraft, and we have made a special product just for you. The Hover:bit Add-On Kit, where you get all you need to build the hovercraft. This Perk is only for you who already have the Air:bit.


Check out the campaign here:


Check out the video here:



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