Air:bit - 3D mod

I’ve had the pleasure of doing some 3D-modifications on the Air:bit quadcopter, and let me tell you, it was great fun.


The process was somehow straight forward, but it had to fit within the already existing 3D-frame for the Air:bit.


What I did, was to use the Creality Ender 3 Pro, and print the existing frame, so that I knew how it looked like in real life.


You find videos of how to at the bottom of this article.

From there I created four spots on the frame, for the landing gear.


And the perfect spot that I found, was between the spot where you attach the Micro:bit and the Air:bit card, and the spot for the engines.

This way we create a good balance, and the landing legs will be stable.


Then I created four landing legs, just straight forward pillars, that I squeeze into the four holes on the landing gears, and the frame was good to go.


But then I thought, hm, wouldn’t it be cool if I added a place for a name tag, on the frame? – And so I did. I created a spot for a name tag, that you can use for different stuff, everything from your nickname, a competition, or simply the name of the quadcopter, which in this case is Air:bit.


Then I noticed, there is still some room for more modifications on this frame. And that’s when I decided to use the four spots on top of the landing gear, and one platform in front of the name tag, for some LED-indicators, that you can connect to the Air:bit card! I wanted some lighting on the Air:bit, so I thought a variable of blue and red lights would be fun. I have yet to complete the LED-indicators, so that`s still something I’m working on. And it might be room for a WIFI-camera as well, if I decide to use the platform in front of the name tag for that.


From the start of this project I wanted a platform that the Air:bit can lift, with the help of some small ropes of any kind, beneath the frame.


The idea behind this, was to create some sort of a competition, that allowed you to carry small objects beneath the Air:bit, from one point, to another.


This is something I have completed, but I have yet to try it out as a competition format.


I’ve also created some prototypes for 3D-printable propeller protectors, one that’s ready, and completed, and one that I’m still working on. The idea behind this, was that there are no protectors on the 3D-market, yet, that fits well onto the 3D-printed frame for the Air:bit. And since there are moving parts on a quadcopter, propeller protectors is a good idea.

So, what I did was to create some protectors that is easy to attach, and easy to remove from the frame, if by some reason you want to do that. Just remove the propeller, squeeze the protector in place, all the way down, as far as it goes, then attach the propeller, and that’s basically it.


As of now, this is all that I’ve done with the already existing Air:bit frame, but I have some ideas that I might create in the future.

And for those of you who might wonder, is it difficult to do 3D modifications on an already existing part?

– No, it’s not. In fact, since you already have a pre made part, you have more information to work with. You know what’s there, and you know the limits of the part. Which means you have a higher chance for doing some great modifications onto the part.

I have created some videos about how to do the modifications, on Tinkercad, and the links for those videos, is at the bottom of this page.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied about the result of this project, and I’m looking forward to do some more 3D-modifications to the frame, or other projects as well.

DIY - modify (Video 1)
DIY - propeller protectors, and flying (Video 2)


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