Smart toys for smart learning

Make - Play - Learn

Discover exciting toys and learning tools, many of which utilize a smart little computer called micro:bit.

With MakeKit can you become an inventor: build your own creations, program them to do fun things, and customize them as you wish.

Our products are not only fun and educational but also eco-friendly and easy to repair.

Explore what you can learn in the world of exciting projects!


The technology that powers the micro:bit

If we consider the micro:bit as the brain of the construction kits, then WonderKit is the heart, the component that pumps electrons out to motors, servos, and lights, bringing the construction kits to life. 

What is micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer created by the BBC and Microsoft for educational learning purposes. We use micro:bit and MakeCode in all our STEAM-based learning products.

All kits in the WonderKit-series come with our own control board that works together with micro:bit on all our educational products. We named the card, WonderKit! The two cards combined insures a streamlined experience when setting up your kits.

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Education should be about the joy of exploring, this is implemented in all our products and services. 


We strive to find better and more innovative ways of making our products. Our focus is using environmentally friendly materials, and we are always working on becoming even more sustainable. 


We mainly use locally made materials and make our products durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable. Learn more


Get started

Our YouTube channel contains most of what you need to know about our products.


Here you will find everything from guides and instructions, help with challenges related to building and coding the products, as well as several tips and tricks. 


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