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Here we will post the latest news and updates. 

  • New backup kit for Hover:bit and Air:bit coming in September 

  • New Class Kit images for your store: 

  • Ultimat Maker Challenge: 

    • We will be doing a test run of this school challenge in Q3 2021. LEARN MORE

  • Wonder:Kit Online Course - We are updating the course! These are the changes: 

    • 3-day course for up to 10 people, learning about up to 3 kits and how to use them in education.

    • Fixed price point​.

    • More online content so those who can't join at that time can still be a part of the course. 

    • Participants receive the Wonder:Kit STE[A]M educator Certification.

  • IMPORTANT INFO: All Wonder:Kit packs consists of 10 kits in each pack, and are meant for a class with 15-30 students. 

  • Wonder:Kit Invention - New material

  • IMPORTANT INFO: Confirmation, micro:bit V2 works with all MakeKit micro:bit products MORE INFORMATION

  • Python programming with instructions + videos now available for Air:bit. 

  • Wonder:Kit Explorer & Buzz:bit instructions available in English and Norwegian. 

  • Improved micro:bit introduction as part of the resources. 

  • Air:bit Sensor Kit released with instructions for; sonar, lidar and sniffer. 

  • Air:bit WiFi Camera instructions in both English and Norwegian. 

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MakeKit products are maker friendly, repairable, environmentally friendly and build 21. century skills. 

Products to come

Here we will share information about upcoming products. This is so you as an approved reseller can make necessary preparations and make pre-orders. 

Air:bit Back-up Kit 1.0 
With this kit you get extra parts and a battery for even more fun. 
Launch September 2021

Air:bit 2.0
This will be a major update of the beloved micro:bit drone. With a new circuit board, making it easier than ever to make the entire code from strach. 
Launch date to be determined. 

Wonder:Kit Battle:bit 
15 to 30 students, 3 constructions, and multiple design variations competing. Who will be victorious? 
This is a new product made to make building and coding more engaging than ever before! 
Launches Q1 2022. 

Wonder:Kit Music:bit

Bring programming into the music classroom by combining traditional instruments with modern ways of programming and making music.

Contact us on if you are interested!

Available in October 2021

Wonder:Kit Educators Guide

Resources for all educators, teachers, schools and school leaders.

Launces in Q3 2021