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Here we will post the latest news and updates. 

  • Python programming with instructions + videos now available for Air:bit. 

  • Wonder:Kit Explorer & Buzz:bit instructions available in English and Norwegian. 

  • Improved micro:bit introduction as part of the resources. 

  • Air:bit Sensor Kit released with instructions for; sonar, lidar and sniffer. 

  • Air:bit WiFi Camera instructions in both English and Norwegian. 

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Value for your customers

Let your customers get to know MakeKit. This builds trust and gives your customers more value.

We recommend building a welcome or collection page for all MakeKit products. This will aid in communicating information to your customers about what is special about these products. 

MakeKit products are maker friendly, repairable, environmentally friendly and build 21. century skills. 

Products to come

Here we will share information about upcoming products. This is so you as an approved reseller can make necessary preparations and make pre-orders. 

Air:bit 1.5 

This is a small update where we have rebuilt the frame, integrated propeller protection and added a few new challenges in the packaging. 

This update will not be available until March 2021. 

Hover:bit 2.0 

This will be the first major update of the Hover:bit. The kit will be equipped with a new controller board which will make it easier for makers to code and connect the right servos and motors. 

This update will not be available until Q2 2021. 


The series is available in Norway and will be available to European and Australian resellers in Q1. 

Contact us on if you want to start distributing Wonder:Kit

This series of products will be available in 2021. 

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