Build, Code, Fly & Develop

Air: bit - the ultimate micro: bit add-on

The world's first and the original micro: bit drone.


This micro: bit add-on is one of the most advanced and fun things you can do in both coding and construction.


The quadcopter has been developed over several years and is used in a number of science centers and schools.

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What's so great about Air:Bit?

Air:Bit combines the micro:bits ease of use with the excitement of a drone. It is the world's first-ever developed micro:bit drone, combining the relevant skills for mastering the future of technology. It is a STEAM learning kit, which will engange students with a more practical and creative way of learning. It is fully repairable and withstands a lot of crashes. The best of all - it is affordable comparing to other drones.

What is STEAM-education?

STEAM-education is the next generation of education. Focusing on those 5 letters,
S - Science, T - Technology, E - Engineering, A - Art and M - Mathematics,
it investigates scientific concepts through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in creative processes. With the opportunity to learn in a creative way and using 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, students develop capabilities that are crucial to growing a future-ready workforce.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 19.26.41.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 20.00.40.jpg
  • Make:code or java-programming

  • Programmable remote and app

  • Advanced measurements in real-time

  • Upgradeable for multiple sensors

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"Looks great!"

- Cris Anderson, CEO of 3DRobotics,
ex editor of WIRED Magazine

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Air:bit as a Class Kit

We have made a package more suited to the classroom with extra spare parts, quick chargers and accessories. 

Contact your local distributor of micro:bit accessories ore one of our established distributors. 

Our webshop will soon be open to more countries. 

Add a camera

With the Air:bit, it's possible to add a camera. This way you can use the Air:bit to take pictures and even do FPV flights. 

To the right you see the camera in front of the Air:bit, and on the picture below the picture show how the camera is connected. 

smarttelefon smart phone airbit camera.j
fpv goggles.jpg

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